B&B Regina di Ulivi

We are not the usual bed and breakfast

Immersed in the unspoiled countryside between Ostuni and Cisternino, Regina di Ulivi was born here, in the Valle d’Itria, the rolling green valley criss-crossed by dry-stone walls, vineyards, almond and olive groves, and winding country lanes. This is also the land of trulli, Puglia's unique rural architecture, circular stone-built houses full of magical and propitiatory meanings, surrounded by millennial impressive olive trees, symbol of fertility and renaissance, strength and purification.


The Rooms

Authentic, cozy, essential

We combine hand-printed natural woven with hand-made furniture, blended in with the traditional pure white stone

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Natural and Conscious

Our innovative and refreshing breakfast respects food and food-producers. It is made with seasonal fruit and vegetables according to what nature provides, giving preference to organic and kms 0 products.

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Where we are

You can easily reach us from Bari or Brindisi airport. We are just few meters from the road that connects Ostuni with Cisternino.

Detox Weekend

Live Spring Fully!
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Yoga Retreat with Flo

Re-connect: 7-10 October

This retreat is all about reestablishing the connection to yourself.
We tend to get caught up in the rollercoaster of every day’s life , losing the connection with ourselves , wearing ourselves out, many time arriving to a point of exhaustion. This retreat will be all about filling your cup up. Directing the attention and the focus within, nourishing ourselves, checking in with ourselves and filling the gaps.
We will focus on breath awareness, feeling the body, bringing inner balance and coordinating the breath with the movement.
We will have two yoga sessions per day, meditation and a workshop focused on reconnecting with your heart and your heart’s desires.

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