We are Luca and Andrea, two friends

I’m Luca, I worked in the event and communication industry, but my interest for cooking and nutrition, which are today my greatest passions, was increasingly growing.

I’m Andrea, a designer. I work in the fashion world. In 2015 my daughter Diletta was born, and she is my greatest joy.

We met in Barcelona in 2005, we immediately became friends. Since that moment, although we had been changing home, job and relations, we have been able to nourish an increasingly strongbond. Today, together, we are making our dream come true.

At the age of thirty, our lives seemed to have taken a clear and satisfying direction, but somehow incomplete. Both of us were missing something. We travelled to Fuerteventura where we could slow down, recharge our energy and move towards a clear and aware decision. Intuition knocked at our door: “ Why don’t we create a place where we can share with others our same need to find oneself?”. At that time we started to look for a place that embraced our doubts and uncertainties, a place where we felt in harmony with ourselves and the environment, without anxiety nor pressure.

Regina di Ulivi

Experience and Inspiration

Our dream, that we named “Regina di Ulivi”, is the creation of an oasis of peace and well-being. It is not the usual bed and breakfast: it was born from the respect for nature and ourselves and from the desire to offer an experience of health and pleasure.

Regina di Ulivi is not just about tourism but, it means experience and inspiration in a place where you can regenerate yourself and go back to your daily life relieved and inspired. We offer not only a detox break but also an experience in which you can rediscover your five senses: listen to the sounds of nature, smell its scents, enjoy its colours, taste its flavours and caress its creatures.

Regina di Ulivi is energy, creativity and harmony: we want to connect people with nature, body with mind. Regina di Ulivi will be your shelter. Here you can slow down, express your needs and satisfy them, you can choose silence and privacy or the cuddles of our services.

Luca warmly welcomes you with his rich and refreshing breakfast . The outer space is lush, loyal to the nature of the land. The internal space is cozy, functional and careful of the details by Andrea – a space where, besides you, there is already everything.

The Location

A charming location where the stone merges with the green nature and the blue sky

Regina di Ulivi harmoniously blends in with the local architecture and vegetation: it is, indeed, composed by a central trullo with a wide veranda. Here you can enjoy our exclusive breakfast and use our wi-fi connection. Facing the veranda you will find a stone-made pool surrounded by a botanical garden, inspired to a zen concept of natural oasis. All around you will find our land, where you can admire, or maybe discover, vegetation varieties such as old spices, centuries-old olive groves, fruit trees, Mediterranean brush and rare examples of wild orchids.

Regina di Ulivi welcomes guests in three types of accommodations: Lamia Regina, Trullo A and Trullo B. The accommodations were realized in the respect of tradition. Each room is uniquely characterized by precious bedspread, curtains and towels, all made of hand-printed natural woven. The rooms and the recesses are adorned by small sculpture-like plants coming from all over the world.

The Area

The magic of trulli and olive groves

We chose the Valle d’Itria as our place: the land of trulli and endless dry-stone walls, of maze-like countryside, of majestic millenary olive trees, symbol of fertility and rebirth, strength and purification. Standing between two seas, the Ionio and the Adriatico, the warmth of the land is as strong as the warmth of the people who established their roots here so long ago.

Regina di Ulivi lies between Cisternino and Ostuni, the land of the trulli, not far from Alberobello (UNESCO site). This area is renowned for the beauty of both rural and coast landscape, its cultural heritage, its history and the architecture of some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, excellent eno-gastronomy, and the typical warm vibe of South Italy. Here is everything at your fingertips: during all the year you will always have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of this land and to reach fascinating places like Lecce, Salento, Bari and its coasts, Matera, the Gargano river, or you can have a trip to Greece.

Thank you to all our friends!

Sharing makes the dream come true!

Dreaming is beautiful, but dreaming together is better! We thank with all our heart all the people who helped us reaching our goal. The first thank goes to our partners Selena and Alessandra, who have always supported us during our bad moments, giving us the energy to keep on believing in our project.
We thank our parents, who have always stood by our side: their unconditioned trust in us is gorgeous.
Thanks to all the people who have enriched our project with their skills and know-how. A special thank goes to two friends who strongly felt this project from the beginning: thank you Claudia, your intuition and awareness are rare and precious; thank you Donato, your love for this land is an example for everybody.
We cannot forget our mascot: our cat, Gopala, the wise guardian of Regina di Ulivi.